The alarm is ringing. You’re jumping out of your bed, hmmm, maybe that’s not completely true. You quickly go back to sleep and catch some more hours. Once you’re ready for the day, you check your phone. You take a look at Cclick, the social app designed by Event Creators. Tonight, sportcoach Maarten is giving an outdoor bootcamp. Always a good idea together with your colleagues, so you bring your sports clothes to work. On your way to Weerselo you take a deep breath and take in your surroundings, it’s so nice to work in the ‘Twentse’ countryside! 

At the coffee machine you choose a café crème and your colleague Merle tells you that her meeting with a big gardener, which you set up, went very good. Good to hear that another nice spot on the fair is filled! You walk towards your computer and start the day. You know what you have to do, since you organized your tasks and meetings very carefully. Turns out that hat time management training by HR was useful after all!

You start your day with handling all the incoming e-mail. You prepare tasks for yourself or your colleagues. Quickly you rush to your meeting with Project Manager Anke. She gives you all the input that is needed for a contract with an important client. You decide that you will work on it tomorrow. Right now your focus is on another quotation. This will take you some time. In the meantime the phone is ringing. With a smile on your face you pick up, and you speak fluently German on the phone. You are never bothered when your work is interrupted by an incoming phone call. You recognize the man on the phone, since we have worked with him before. You know which colleague can help him, so you connect him to Anke. You continue with you purchasing tasks; a series of handlings in our system who have to be done carefully. You con’t forget a single thing and document everything. 

In the afternoon your colleague Project Manager Sophie comes to your desk and shows you an adhoc problem that occurred with an exhibitor on the fair. You quickly come up with a solution and contact the exhibitor to fix the problem. After a short phone call (in German of course) you both agree to a practical solution.

Suddenly it’s 5 ‘o clock. You check your agenda for tomorrow, you start the day with a meeting with all the Project Managers. The to-do’s which were on your name, are already prepared. You quickly get changed and start chasing your colleagues. Under supervision of sports coach Maarten you start bootcamping and slowly you feel your head getting empty again. Ready for tomorrow!

What you are responsible for

  • Assisting the Account Managers
  • Professional and in perfect German handling of incoming phone calls.
  • Correct German correspondence with clients and business relations
  • Practical planning of meetings
  • Neat layout for commercial proposals and contracts
  • Correct purchasing and input of data
  • Creative help with completing an attractive fair program; you know the trends
  • Happy internal clients; you know what’s important for your colleagues
  • A clever solutions when there is panic
  • Humour and harmony within a self directing team
  • All the things that others forget
  • Good stories for the Friday afternoon drinks and all the other activities

What can you do and who are you

  • You’re following a relevant study course
  • You speak and write German fluently; well, a mistake here and there is not a problem
  • You’re customer oriented and have a commercial drive; thorough and convinced you work towards the best results.
  • You don’t panic when it’s busy; you know how to set priorities and how to keep a good overview
  • You work neatly and accurately
  • You switch easily and think in solutions

What we offer you

  • An exciting internship at the largest event company in Eastern-Netherlands
  • A warm welcome from 40 enthusiastic Dutch and Dutch colleagues with an Event Creators heart who work on the most breath-taking events every day

  • The possibility to excel in what you’re good at. We facilitate the grow of your talents with personal attention, education and coaching

  • An challenging internship, we can get our own coffee and we can walk to the printer ourselves.

  • Cosy coffee breaks with a mix of crazy, sweet and nice colleagues

  • An office in Weerselo  (Eastern Netherlands, Twente region) with skippy-balls, rocking chairs and a beautiful view

  • A surprise by our chef-cooks now and then

  • A sports coach who will bring you into top condition

An impression of what we do can be found on

Got enthusiastic?

Show us why and tell us who you are and what you can do? Adress you’re application towards Rolien Wolters via

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brochure Event Creators

Informatie over onze aanpak en de mogelijkheden delen we graag met u. De brochure geeft u, naast de informatie op de website, een goed beeld van wie wij zijn en hoe wij evenementen aanvliegen. 

Vragen over ons bedrijf of benieuwd wat wij voor u kunnen betekenen? Neem dan contact met ons op. 


Bedankt. De download is hieronder beschikbaar. Wees vrij om contact met ons op te nemen na het bekijken van de brochure.


Download de brochure
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